Payment Methods


When purchasing products from our store you can choose one of the following payment methods:

  1. Credit or Debid Card (Visa, Mastercard)
  2. Bank account deposit
  3. Pay on delivery
  4. Paypal
  5. Cash (only upon receipt from the store)


  1. Credit or Debit Card

Our company accepts Visa and Mastercard credit or debit cards. To handle transactions with credit or debit card, we have chosen to cooperate with Eurobank. The amount of the transaction is charged when accepting the order amount. If the order is not executed (e.i. timely cancellation by you) the amount that was committed for the order is refunded in full (100%) to you. The authorization / rejection of your order is made by Eurobank in cooperation with the relevant organization (Visa, Mastercard) and for any questions about the non-approval of the amount, you need to contact your card issuer. The Company does not hold credit card details and uses the SSL protocol to communicate the transaction details with you and with Eurobank.

  1. Bank Account Deposit

We accept payments by depositing into a bank account of either Eurobank or Piraeus Bank (beneficiary OMNITECH AEEY). It is important to speed up the shipment of the order, when depositing in the reasoning to indicate the Order Number (has been sent to you by e-mail after the order has been completed) as well as your full name.

The deposit details are as they follow:

Eurobank: 0026.0229.11.0200161695 ΟΜΝΙΤΕΚ ΑΕΕΥ
Piraeus: 5054033921170 ΟΜΝΙΤΕΚ ΑΕΕΥ

The process of executing your order will begin with the confirmation of the deposit. To avoid problems, your attention is advised as to the final amount of your order. Our company is not responsible for charges from the bank for depositing money or by faulty depositing (deposit into a different account) and has no obligation to send the order in this case.

  1. Pay On Delivery

You have the option to choose a pay on delivery method. This service is provided in cooperation with the ACS shipping company. It is recommended that you have the exact amount upon receipt. Pay on delivery cannot be done when for whatever reason, is not used to deliver the product/s to the ACS network and when the total amount to be paid exceeds 250 EUR. When the total amount of the order exceeds 250 EUR, payment can be done by card or bank deposit.

  1. Paypal

We accept payments via the PAYPAL international payment system, for which you must have previously opened a PAYPAL account in accordance with the terms and conditions of the latter, for which our Company has no responsibility.

  1. Cash (only upon receipt from the store)


You have the option to choose to pay by cash or use a card upon receipt of your order from our Natural Shop without extra charge.


In the case of payment upon receipt from the store, it is obligatory to use a debit / credit card if:

  1. the amount is larger than 500 €
  2. your order concerns to an invoice and you are in the category for VAT refund from the customer


Unsupported payment methods

In addition to the above ways, we do not support other payment methods such as American Express, Diners, Western Union etc