When ordering, you can choose one of the following ways for delivery:

  • Pickup from store
  • Sent with courier

Pickup from store

When ordering, you are given the option to recieve your products from our local store by name «OMNITECH», at Kleisthenous Str 231 at Gerakas, Attica.


SHOP HOURS : Monday to Friday 9:00 - 17:00

After processing your order, you'll get informed via e-mail when it's ready for pickup from our store. Your order will remain in our store reserved for pickup, for 5 working days. After those days are up, your order will get canceled and the products will be once again available for sale.


For orders over 500€ and pickup from store , the payment can only be made by using a credit or debit card.

Sent with courier

For sending orders within Greece, our Company cooperates with ACS COURIER, while for our non-Greek shipments our company cooperates with the international courier company DHL.


Τhe sends all orders with ACS (within Greece) or with DHL (outside Greece) except in cases where the area is not covered by their network. In case your area is not covered by ACS or DHL, as mentioned above, your order is sent via the Hellenic Post Office (EL.TA.).

To see if your location is within the coverage network and for the information to be valid visit the ACS website . In addition to the ACS website, you can obtain any information on the ACS service telephone: 801 500 1111 και στα 2108190000, 2115005000 or via email at


The charge for sending your order is set according to the tables below. For orders over 7kg please contact us to find the best shipping solution for you. In case you choose to pay by cash on delivery you will be charged 2,50 € shipping costs. 








Up to 2kg

2,30 €

3,50 €

2.1 to 3kg

3,30 €

4,50 €

3,1 to 4kg

4,30 €

5,50 €

4,1 to 5kg

5,30 €

6,50 €

5.1 to 6kg

6,30 €

7,50 €

6.1 to 7kg

7,30 €

8,50 €

Over 7kg : Contact us

Prices do not include VAT


2,50 €














Up to 2kg

12,50 €

12,50 €

15,50 €

16,60 €

18,10 €

19,20 €

25,50 €

2 to 3kg

14,00 €

14,00 €

17,00 €

18,10 €

19,60 €

20,70 €

27,00 €

3 to 4kg

17,00 €

17,00 €

20,00 €

21,10 €

22,70 €

23,80 €

30,00 €

4 to 5kg

20,00 €

20,00 €

23,00 €

24,10 €

25,60 €

26,70 €

33,00 €

5 to 6kg

24,00 €

24,00 €

27,00 €

28,10 €

29,60 €

30,70 €

37,00 €

6 to 7kg

27,00 €

27,00 €

30,00 €

31,10 €

32,60 €

33,70 €

40,00 €

Over 7kg : Contact us

On foreign deliveries there is no possibility of cash on delivery.

Prices do not include VAT.

Detailed destinations included in each DHL shipping zone will be found here.

For orders above 100€ within Greece, shipping is FREE



Time and date of delivery

Once payment is confirmed by us (debit or credit card, bank deposit) in 1-2 business days your order is sent. For its shipping you will be informed via email to which it will include the shipping number. You can use the shipping number (voucher no) to locate your order on the ACS website for within the country orders, or on DHL's website for orders outside Greece.



Our company is not responsible for any delay of the shipment from the courier. If the parcel obviously has been abused upon receipt, the buyer must inform us before receiving it and not pick up the package, to be entitled a refund or to recieve a new parcel. Our company does not recognize any damage or loss of items in the event that the buyer has accepted the parcel.


You have the opportunity to return your order, if it's within 14 days of the delivery of your order and the package (since the product is new) has NOT been opened. Return of used items is not possible. Return costs are charged to the buyer. On returning the item and if it's verified that the package has not been opened, the full refund will be made according to the payment method you have selected.

More detailed information on the possibility of returning products can be found in our Terms of Use.