Gigaset elements Alarm System L


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The Gigaset elements L alarm system: an added benefit of security with the wireless indoor camera.

 You can see what's happening in your home through real-time video streaming. Your internal camera keeps you up to date with activities. It can also be used in the dark thanks to Night Vision. If a move is detected, an alarm will be triggered and the next 30 seconds will be automatically recorded. It saves the 30 seconds and lets you see exactly what triggered the alarm. A 30-second manual recording is also possible through the Gigaset elements application. The camera automatically saves the videos in the Cloud. That way you can preserve important data in case a burglar tries to destroy or steal the camera.


  • Someone in your home?
The wireless indoor camera reliably monitors the room, even in the dark. Once something unusual happens, you will receive a notification on your smartphone. You can install the camera wirelessly in any room. All you need is a wireless router and a DSL online connection.
  • Connect and control the system from anywhere, anytime
The base station is the core of the Gigaset elements alarm system and is connected to your LAN. Connects wireless sensors with Gigaset elements and the free cloud service. You can even connect up to 48 elements sensors to the base station.
  • Someone at the door?

The door sensor detects whether the door is open or closed. High sensor technology can even distinguish the difference between a door that opens normally and a door that is being opened by force (kick or open with a crowbar). If the door is being opened by force, an alarm is triggered even if the alarm system is not "armed".

  • Someone in the room?

The infrared detector can detect immediately when someone is at home. Small pets, weighing about 25 pounds, will not activate the detector. The motion detector immediately sends information safely to the Gigaset elements application on your smartphone.

  • Is someone trying to open your window or balcony door?

The Gigaset elements window sensor reliably informs you when windows or patio doors are opened or tilted. When the system is armed, you will receive notifications through the Gigaset elements app on your smartphone. Closed, open or inclined? The sensor knows the current state of the window or balcony door at all times.

  • Intruders? The siren will sound the alarm.

If a break-in is suspected, a 100-decibel alarm sounds as a deterrent. You can immediately turn off the siren from your smartphone application otherwise it stops after 90 seconds. The siren is simply connected to an electrical socket and is connected wirelessly to your base station. 

  • Stable communication and large coverage using DECT technology



The Gigaset elements Alarm System L includes

  • 1 base station elements base
  • 1 door sensor elements door (universal)
  • 1 motion sensor elements motion
  • 2 window sensors elements window (universal)
  • 1 siren elements siren
  • 1 Wi-Fi indoor camera elements camera
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